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"What I enjoy the most are the friendly personalities, spicy cuisine and the amazing wildlife. Sri Lanka has so many endemic species, especially reptiles and amphibians, so if you visit for the time, you will be blown away by the biodiversity that you will find just outside your door. Sri Lanka also has so many micro-climates as you move across the island, so you can discover a variety of flora and fauna, wherever you decide to explore. Yala National Park, Singharaja Forest Reserve and Uduwalawe National Park are my top three wildlife locations to visit. Another one of my favorite places to visit is Nuwara Eliya. This is where the tea plantations are located and it’s much cooler than the rest of the country. If you are trying to escape the heat, then this is the place to go!

Sri Lankan cuisine is my all time favorite – there’s something for everyone. Rice and curry are a staple, and the variety of side dishes you will be served at restaurants are mouth watering. I think about pol sambol (spicy coconut), mallum (green salad), crab curry and parippu (moong dal) on a bed of rice all the time. Since Sri Lanka is an island, they really specialize in their seafood dishes, so trying the fish and shrimp dishes is a must. Also if you get the chance to try kothu roti, please do! Even watching how it is made is really fun. If you need to grab something quickly, you will find that Sri Lankans love their pastries and short-eats, like mutton rolls and fish buns. These savoury treats will keep you filled until your next meal. I should also give credit to food that needs almost no prep like the fresh fruits! If you get the chance, stop by a roadside fruit stand and help yourself to all the mangoes and rabutan that you can!"

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