My name is Thanushi and I would describe myself as an adventurous scientist. When I am not covered in dirt from gardening, I'm probably eating way too many desserts, hiking, exploring, making to do lists, painting or making endless amounts of crafts. 

I decided to start a website, mainly as a way for me to keep track of all the good memories and feelings I collected along the way as I explore the world around me. Currently I'm the Program Manager of the Edible Garden Project - North Shore Neighbourhood House in North Vancouver, while doing a part time Masters in Museum Education at UBC. With a strong background in Science (BSc. Zoology and MSc. Evolutionary Biology at the University of Guelph), and a love for various forms of art, I want to play a creative role in bridging these different subject areas together.  

I hope the little things will always inspire you.

With lots of love,